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You're taking an important and exciting step in shaping your life - well done!

The Academy aims to assist youth in developing their entrepreneurial mind-set and vision. The course empowers young people on their entrepreneurial journey while developing their business and life skills. It builds up on existing skills and allows students to express themselves and their creativity.

One of the most important things to develop as an aspiring entrepreneur is your MINDSET. Your entrepreneurial mind-set is the greatest thing that will determine your success. The RAA has years of experience in developing entrepreneurial mind-sets in young people. We therefore invite you to apply to the innovative, creative and practical course.

You are your most important asset, so we invite you to invest in yourself!


    • The course is open to young people between the ages of 18 and 30.
    • Please note: the Academy aims to provide access to a post-secondary school education to youth who have ordinarily not been able to further their studies, due to financial constraints or other circumstances
    • Applicants must demonstrate an interest in entrepreneurship and business; they do not need to have their own business. Please see the website for more details on our criteria:


  • Applicants must complete this application form BEFORE 31st May 2018. The application form includes 4 Essay Questions that must be completed in full; these questions relate to entrepreneurship and your motivation for wanting to attend the course. Please make sure you complete these 4 Essay Questions, BEFORE starting the application process. Thereafter, attach the 4 Essay Questions to the application form.

The 4 Essay Questions are:

1.Why would you like to study at the Raymond Ackerman Academy? Include in your essay how you think this programme will help you in your career and becoming an entrepreneur

2.Please write a short personal history of yourself. Include in the essay: Background information; your achievements; your strengths; areas you would like to develop e.g. confidence, punctuality, etc. and your biggest challenge and how you overcame it?

3.Please describe where you see yourself in 5 years' time (you can include your goals, areas of interests, what you are hoping to achieve in your career etc.). We will NOT accept answers that say you want a big house or car or that you want to be a successful business person in South Africa - BE MORE SPECIFIC!

4.Describe yourself in 3 words

  • Short-listed candidates are then invited to a Selection Workshop and an Interview, after which final selection is made.
  • 30 students are chosen per course in Cape Town.

Please note that FINAL SELECTION is at the discretion of the Academy Selection Committee


  • The programme is generously subsidised by Mr Raymond Ackerman and is valued at approximately R 25 000 per student.
  • Students are required to pay a fee of R2500.00 for the course.

Please adhere to the following guidelines when completing this form:

  • Please complete ONLY ONE APPLICATION per student
  • Please complete the form in one sitting, i.e. you cannot log in and out of, or save the application.
  • Please make sure ALL documents are uploaded to the application form, i.e. certified copy of ID Document/Passport; certified copy of Matric certificate/last school report; ID photo and Reference letter.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Please make sure ALL fields, uploads, motivations, etc. are included in your application in one go.